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"Aundrea and her program were my Eat, Pray Love. She opened me to new foods and healthier options, she made me realize sometimes you don’t know everything and can’t do everything by yourself and most importantly she reminded me that you have to love yourself and make the commitment to an overall healthier you. This program has opened my eyes and my heart to making myself a priority when most of the time if feels like we are living in a crazy world and just skating by. I would recommend Aundrea and her program to anyone who is ready to take the next step."

Courtney S.

"Aundrea Scipioni is a gem in the Charlotte community. I have had the great privilege to work with a number of very well-known nutritionists and functional medicine experts in my career as a chiropractor and practitioner of acupuncture. Aundrea is absolutely wonderful. Here is why: she truly gets the whole picture of the whole person. Aundrea, through her fully integral nutrition and wellness model, is able to see the big picture about people and help them create and sustain the positive lifestyle changes they need to create the quality of life they desire. Further, Aundrea is not a calorie counting, old-school style nutritionist - she is on the leading edge of what we know about whole food nutrition integrated with emotional, social, and spiritual health. Aundrea is the future of nutritional coaching. If every child in the United States could take a course from Aundrea, we would create a completely different country! I give Aundrea my whole-hearted recommendation. Not only do I refer patients to her, I have gone through her wellness program myself and the results were tremendous for me personally and my family."

Dr. Matt Lyon, DC

"I started working with Aundrea six months ago. My desire was to lose weight through better eating and to have some accountability around regular exercise.  I was able to successfully do both those things, and a whole lot more!  Overall, my eating habits have improved substantially so that I'm eating way more whole, real foods. I'm even eating dark leafy greens at breakfast (and loving it!). I've cut way back on coffee and have nearly eliminated soda. I feel much more conscious and in control of my food choices as Aundrea taught me to pay attention to why and what I was choosing to eat. I've lost at least one pants size and people tell me constantly that I look very happy and healthy. In fact, they say, 'Your eyes are so sparkly! You look fabulous!' Who knew improving my diet was a matter of small, deliberate choices and changes?  I feel fab - and look it now, too!"

Angie M.

"Aundrea's wellness program was a success for me as it transformed many long-standing intentions into actual positive changes. Over the course of three months, I very naturally displaced processed foods from my diet, replaced them with whole foods and opened my mind to a world of possibilities. I’ve re-learned the wisdom of choosing organic and now understand more than just the basics of where to shop organic and how to prepare healthy, energizing meals for every day of the week."

Mackenzie A.

"When I met Aundrea for the first time, I knew she was what I had been looking for - a direction for healthy eating and making my nutrition and health a top priority.  I felt very lost in my food choices and was hesitant to try new things.  While I never had a problem exercising, eating right has always been a challenge for me.   I was at a period in my life where my sleep was being interrupted by a racing pulse and stomach discomfort primarily from eating too much at dinner and too much of the wrong thing as well.  It has been a process of trial and error for me but Aundrea was with me every step of the way.   Her holistic approach is simple and logical, and really helps you to understand how nutrition affects your life and in turn how your life is affected by your nutrition.  Because of Aundrea, I think a lot about what the food will do for me nutritionally and how it will make me feel.  My improved awareness of what and how much I eat has greatly improved my sleep patterns and stress level.  I have lost 15 pounds and hope to lose more with the tools she provided.  I can't express my gratitude enough.  Aundrea is a wonderful health coach and really provided strong support during a time that was difficult for me but has ultimately changed my life for the better.  I feel like a completely different person and am no longer lost."

Vanessa H.

"Not only has Aundrea introduced me to new nutritious foods, she has transformed my perspective on my life.  I have completely changed my diet and lost 9 pounds. I am aware of the essential nutrients my body needs to function in a way that makes me feel mentally energized, creative, satisfied, and strong. Throughout the program Aundrea has been extremely receptive and giving. She kept me focused on my goals and priorities while providing the freedom to explore what works best for me. I recommend working with Aundrea and her program to any and every one committed to discovering their Pure Potential."

Whitney W.

"Being a mom of two small children, I was having a difficult time finding time to create a healthy lifestyle for myself. Aundrea's program allowed me the structure and flexibility to incorporate healthy choices into my busy days. She helped me to realize that my current diet was lacking many important nutritious foods, ultimately leaving me depleted at the end of the day. With her help I was able to introduce healthy and energy filled foods into my diet as well as my children's diets. Her recipes were simple and easy to follow and her suggestions opened up a whole new world of different and healthy foods. Aundrea's program was exactly what I needed to create order and healthy living into my hectic and chaotic schedule. Thank you Aundrea!"

Heather M.

"We all have certain health goals that we want to attain that we keep putting off since they are either too difficult or perhaps we aren't sure where to start. Aundrea's program was key in defining how I should approach the health and fitness goals I'd been avoiding for years. She is very professional, has the insight to hear your needs, and will put you on the right path to meet your goals, no matter how small or large they may be."

Wireless Industry Executive

"Working with Aundrea has been an educational experience. I suffered from severe back and nerve pain for several years and needed to make serious lifestyle changes. Aundrea made the mountain I needed to conquer seem more like a series of small hills.  I'm now off of all my pain medication and am able to do everything I was able to do before my injury.  Aundrea helped me stay focused and make healthy decisions, and I am making good progress towards my weight loss goal.  I understand more about the nutritional value of food, and I learned new and improved alternatives to my "normal" diet and guilty pleasures.  I find myself wanting to share all my new knowledge and "secrets" with my friends and family.  Now, more than ever, I'm aware of what I put into my body. Thanks Aundrea!"

Erin O.

"Stuck in a life-style of constant travel, long work hours and poor self-care and nutrition decisions, I decided to make a change by working with Aundrea.  Aundrea assessed my current situation and history, understood my constraints and guided me to make small incremental life-style changes with me while holding me accountable. Not only did Aundrea and the Pure Potential Wellness program steer me in the right direction, it also kept me on track with other initiatives I was pursuing. The results speak for themselves. I've lost about five pounds, but at the same time leaned out and toned up. I am no longer suffering from my afternoon lulls and am constantly positive and full of energy. I have easy meals I plan and prepare for myself that have not only improved my overall health but also crowded out those not-so-good-for-me items I used to crave.  Anyone looking for a solution to improve their health that is not one-size-fits-all would benefit by contacting Aundrea."

Tom P.

"When I started working with Aundrea my bad habits were out of control. I had become bored of my usual healthy foods and was using food and alcohol to deal with the stress in my life. Aundrea opened my eyes to many new foods and ways to prepare them. And she gave me lots of new ideas for dealing with stress in a healthier way. Over the course of the program I began exercising more and drinking less. I am now thinking longer term about what I put into and how I treat my body. Overall I feel healthier mentally and physically. Thank you, Aundrea!"

Kensley W.

"Aundrea is a wonderful, supportive and encouraging health counselor.  She is very knowledgeable and was always willing to do extra research if there was a topic that was beyond her expertise.  As a result, I have seen a number of positive changes in my life.  For one, I am much more conscious of my nutrition choices and am making better decisions about what I eat.  Aundrea also exposed me to a number of healthy (and delicious) foods that I did not know about, so I now have more options for eating healthy.  Moreover, Aundrea was able to design a plan for me that addressed some of my health problems (i.e. hypothyroidism) so that I can find more natural ways of healing imbalance in my body.  My health counseling experience was ALL positive and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and lifestyle choices!"

Tanya V.

"Aundrea was recommended to me by my son as someone who could help me improve my cholesterol levels.  I needed Aundrea's nutritional expertise given my multiple physical constraints of low thyroid, GERD and other digestive disorders, arthritis and allergies.  I was determined to correct my cholesterol issues with diet rather than with additional medications. Aundrea was not deterred by my physical constraints.  She supported and encouraged me to make changes she recommended to lower my cholesterol levels. Three months after initiating these changes my blood test showed a reduction in my total cholesterol level by 12 points, my triglycerides by 2 points and my LDL level by 12 points. We are now focused on raising my HDL (Good) cholesterol level and my iron. Aundrea's knowledge and willingness to work with me within my physical limitations, while helping me attain such positive results attests to her excellent level of professionalism as a health counselor."

Christine S.

"When I started working with Aundrea, I thought I already knew a lot about nutrition and healthy living. I was surprised at how much I learned in just one month. At the end of our program I feel that Aundrea not only reinforced and reminded me of some food wisdom, but also introduced me to new ideas and foods that definitely broadened my outlook and literally left me hungry for more. Aundrea's ability to customize the program to different levels of knowledge and interest will benefit both the novice and the expert."

Maggie S.

"Before working with Aundrea, I calculated that I was sick for nine consecutive months.  I knew I had to make a lifestyle change but never really knew where to begin.  Aundrea and I discussed my lifestyle and eating habits.  It turns out I wasn't getting enough good foods and my immune system was suffering from it.  She taught me how to tweak what I was eating with unprocessed, whole, organic foods.  I couldn't believe what a difference it made after just a few weeks.  I was sleeping better and feeling better.  While improving my diet, we focused on my stress levels and exercising more.  Working with Aundrea helped me realize I need to take care of myself first before taking care of others.  I love her approach of looking at the whole person to improve health. Thank you so much for my new healthy lifestyle!!!"

Crystal H.

"My wellness program was a success for me as it transformed many long-standing intentions into actual positive changes. Over the course of three months, I very naturally displaced processed foods from my diet, replaced them with whole foods and opened my mind to a world of possibilities. I’ve re-learned the wisdom of choosing organic and now understand more than just the basics of where to shop organic and how to prepare healthy, energizing meals for every day of the week."

Mackenzie A.

"Aundrea introduced me to foods that I would never have tried.  Kale is really, really good.  Sprouted bread with organic peanut butter and organic apples keep me full until lunch.  She kept me inspired and motivated to help me help my body.  Thanks, Aundrea!!!"

Denise C.

"My sessions with Aundrea have changed my life in several ways. Her knowledge and guidance regarding healthy eating have made it fun to make changes in my eating habits and she always has some great preparation ideas. My diet now contains more fruits, vegetables, and WATER, of course. Along with exercise, those changes have increased my activity level, improved my sleeping habits, and diminished some aches and pains that I thought were going to be with me forever. Additionally, Aundrea’s positive attitude and support have helped to increase my self-confidence and have led me to make changes in my personal life, as well. She’s great!"

LuAnn D.

"I am 65 years old and I gained about 40 extra pounds over the last 5 years. I was an avid runner and weight lifter until 5 years ago when I suddenly developed a neuropathy in my left foot.  I was not able to continue the running at all and my energy level for going to the gym and working with weights was very low.  So I continued my same eating as when I was running and working out without doing much of either.  It should have been no surprise that I gained the weight.

I started to try some of the fad diets such as Atkins, to lose my extra weight.  My wife watched what I was doing and tried to discourage because she didn’t think the fads were healthy.  Of course, I continued but without any success. My wife had heard of Aundrea and asked me if I would meet with her.  I initially agreed, not because I thought it would be helpful but because my wife seemed to think it would be a good idea.  One thing I have learned in 65 years is that it is good to agree with my wife on a regular basis.

One thing I liked right from the start is the way Aundrea works. She never told me I must do anything. She only gave me information and asked what I would like to do with the new information. With her help, I was amazed at just how bad my diet had become.  One example is that I was consuming 6 to 8 Diet Pepsi’s each day. Looking back, I think I knew that drinking that much diet soda wasn’t helping me with my overall health but I didn’t think of it hurting my overall health either. I was obviously in denial. Aundrea gave me the information about the health factors and let me decide what to do.  I still drink Diet Pepsi, but now my daily maximum is one and some days I don’t get around to drinking one.

With Aundrea’s guidance, I started preparing some very healthy meals. Again, she gave me information about so many different things I could choose from and I picked what I liked. I found I had some real favorites both from the standpoint of eating and from preparing. My wife and I both have never been real cooks.  We both spend most of our energy on our careers so we have always either eaten out or just grabbed something to eat out of the refrigerator or cabinet to eat at home. We both might have cooked something at the level of scrambling a few eggs but that was about it.

With Aundrea’s information and encouragement, I learned to buy the ingredients and prepare meals that were very easy to prepare and that my wife and I both found to be delicious and filling. An added bonus to these meals was that they were very healthy and nutritious. For the first time ever, we kept the things needed to prepare these meals on hand. So many nights that we would have stopped off at a restaurant, we were choosing to come home and eat instead. The restaurant meals just were not as appetizing as what we were able to throw together!

Nothing that I ate or drank before was completely blacklisted. I can still consume anything I would have before working with Aundrea. Now I am aware of the health positives and negatives of different ingredients and cooking methods. Knowing this information I naturally want to limit anything that does harm in favor of the things that are better for me.

My weight is coming off much slower than I would have wanted or than the fad diets promised, but it is coming off. I am not counting calories or carbs or anything else. I am thinking about what I eat and paying attention to what my body seems to be wanting. It is obvious to me that this will be better than doing something weird for a few weeks or months and then going back to my old ways.

I am also sleeping better than before. The chronic pain from the neuropathy has made getting to sleep very difficult. I never would have guessed that eating more healthy foods would help with sleep. The pain is still there but it doesn’t keep me awake as much.  I never would have guessed that changing what I ate would help with sleep but it seems that it did.

So, I really would recommend that anyone would profit by spending some time with Aundrea and letting her use her unique coaching method to improve your overall health. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I cannot imagine how anyone would not come out much healthier after spending some time with her."

Russ K.

"I have just completed Aundrea's six-month Wellness and Holistic Living program and feel incredibly empowered with the knowledge and practical skills I've acquired! Aundrea was both a great listener and teacher who took the time to understand my individual needs. Her passion for healthy living is palpable and contagious and inspires me to do better. I now grocery shop with confidence, purchase vitamins from trusted manufacturers, practice cooking tips and tricks that save me time and money, and embrace a lifestyle I am proud of! Best of all, Aundrea provided me with invaluable reference materials, healthy recipes, food guides and informative articles that help me stay motivated and on track! Like the quote on my wall says - "The healthier you are, the happier you'll be". Thanks Aundrea!!!"

Donna L.

"Aundrea has given me the knowledge and tools to improve my health. Due to some health issues I needed to significantly reduce my meat consumption. By introducing me to a wide variety of whole grains, vegetables and other foods, not eating meat became much easier. Aundrea is an excellent educator. She also became my life coach and friend. I recommend her program and methods to everyone whether dealing with health issues or wanting to feel the best one can feel."


Diane H.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aundrea. She is a caring, compassionate person who has taught me a lot about nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being. I appreciate her flexibility to tailor her approach to meet my specific needs. Since meeting with Aundrea, I have incorporated more whole foods in my diet, cook more often at home, cut out soda, and re-evaluated and revved up my exercise routine. I am now more conscious of the foods I eat, their nutritional value, and the impact they have on how I I feel. Thanks, Aundrea!!"

Shaina W.

"Thank you for your encouragement and support to accomplish meaningful changes in my diet and lifestyle. I’ve become aware of the significant impact of food sensitivities and allergies to my overall wellness. In addition, you’ve given me tools I can use to reduce daily environmental stresses. Thanks for helping me become an improved version of myself!"

Karen C.

"My health is very important to me as both of my parents had heart attacks before the age of 50 and both have passed away at a relative young age. I have always been health conscious but knew that I could do better with my nutrition, overall health and well being. Aundrea has helped me to improve my lipid profile and reduce my risk of heart disease substantially by better nutrition and healthy living practices. My weight has decreased more than my goal that I set initially as well.  It is not easy making changes to your lifestyle, but with the positive encouragement and education that I have received from Aundrea it has been fun and very rewarding!"

Keith D.

"After spending two years in an intensive graduate school program, my eating habits had gone downhill. Aundrea helped me refocus and build new healthy nutrition habits by providing me with a wealth of information about what kinds of foods will help me recreate balance in my body and my life. She also helped me find ways to decrease my meat and poultry intake by providing me with recipes that include vegetarian sources of protein and supporting me on my journey towards vegetarianism. Since working with Aundrea, I have lost a few excess pounds, increased my cooking at home, and lost my cravings for sweet and salty foods. Her passion for nutrition and healthy, holistic living is contagious!"

Katrina W.

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